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Milk being poured into clear glass with milk splashing out of glass into blue background.

Nutrition Tips for Dairy Month

National Dairy Month in June celebrates the many contributions of the dairy industry to our health and economy. While …

Steak with herbs, tomatoes, garlic, and seasonings and a log in the background

Cooking With Beef

Summer is almost here and it’s time for camping with the family or hosting backyard barbecues with friends. It …

Improving ventilation

Residential Ventilation

The CDC provides recommendations on improving ventilation in your home in order to reduce exposure to COVID-19. The most …

Dine In Day logo

Dine in on December 3

We know that families have spent more time cooking and eating together at home this year and we hope …

A Year to Break Tradition

Professors at North Carolina State University, Dr. Sarah Bowen, Sociolgy, Dr. Annie Hardison-Moody, Agriculture and Humnan Sciences, and Dr. …

Cover photo for Saving Milk

Saving Milk

One of my favorite childhood movies was Heidi. There are many versions but I’ve only seen the one made …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

Backyard composting bin

What CAN Be Composted?

List of items that can and cannot be composted at home.

7 days ago
Enlargement of mottled color adult moth with wings folded

Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles: Identifying and Controlling Fabric Pests

This publication describes common fabric pests, their habits, and what to do if you find …

1 week agoHousehold Pests

Homeowner’s Guide to Managing Diseases Using Fungicides, Bactericides, and Alternative Products

This publication provides homeowners with recommended chemical control options to use in combination with an …

2 weeks ago
Figure 1. A conventional septic system.

Septic Systems and Their Maintenance

This factsheet tells homeowners how to recognize and prevent problems with home septic systems. How …

Septic system layout.

Septic System Owner's Guide

If you use a septic system or if you are buying a home with a …

Figure 1. Area of adaptation of turfgrasses in North Carolina.

Carolina Lawns: A Guide to Maintaining Quality Turf in the Landscape

This comprehensive guide offers information on different grasses for North Carolina lawns, as well as …


Guiding Your Young Children

This factsheet describes different parenting styles and lists suggested measures parents can take to discipline …


Plan Before You Plant

Supplemental hand weeding accounts for the majority of landscape bed maintenance costs. When used exclusively, …

5/13/21Weed Facts