4-H Healthy Living Challenge

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The Active Living Challenge is to encourage youth and families to get outdoors and moving this summer.


The Active Living Challenge for Rutherford County youth is geared towards all children and families who want to stretch their imaginations through outdoor play and adventures around the county.

Open to all youth ages 5-18. Youth do not have to currently be enrolled in 4-H, but it is our hope that youth will join a 4-H club/group.

Register through Eventbrite. To receive completion awards, youth must complete 90% of the activities. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s activities, but it is expected that the youth participants do as much of the activities themselves as possible.

If you complete ALL the activities listed on your card, you are eligible to be entered into a drawing for a GRAND PRIZE!

Grand Prizes may include: Bicycle, Fit Bit, or Scooter.

In order to be eligible for prizes, Bingo cards, scavenger hunt, and photo challenge must be completed and submitted to the Rutherford Extension Center by Monday, July 20, 2020, before 5 p.m. Submissions may be dropped off in person or emailed to cynthia_robbins@ncsu.edu. Judging and drawings will take place between July 21-24.

Thermal Belt Rail Trail Scavenger Hunt

Explore the Thermal Belt Rail Trail by walking/biking/skating the 13 miles that it spans, and hunt for painted rocks and other treasures in our scavenger hunt. We will provide you with clues and mile marker hints to assist you in finding all of the treasures. You will take photos of the things you find.

Active Living Bingo

How many activities can you accomplish on your active living bingo card? To get “Bingo” you must complete 5 activities in a row on your given card or 4 corners. All participants will receive a prize for accomplishing “BINGO,” with special grand prizes for those who are able to achieve blackout on their cards by completing ALL of the activities on their bingo card. The free space on the card will be for you to create your own active activity (outside), and we encourage you to come up with something to do that no one else will think of.

Photo Challenge

Take photos and videos of your activities and challenges that you most enjoy and want to share. Then create a presentation to share with us accordingly. This could be a photo collage, a movie presentation, or any other way that you would like to share your experiences and favorite moments with us. Please consider cations/descriptions for photos to tell us more about why you chose that photo, and what you enjoyed about that particular activity.

Register for the event using Eventbrite.

After completing registration, packets may be picked up at the office in Spindale.