September Cooking School

— Written By Stephen Randall

The N.C. Cooperative Extension of Rutherford County is holding the September Cooking School on September 19, 2019.

The topic of this month is:

Bread & Pasta Can Be Healthy
Delve into the world of grains as we explore refined vs. whole grains, complex vs. simple carbohydrates, and the nutritional value, health claims, and myths surrounding grain foods. We’ll prepare some delicious pasta dishes, healthy bread options, and a variety of ancient grains.​

The cost of the class is $8.

Please call our office for any questions or concerns.
N.C. Cooperative Extension of Rutherford County
193 Callahan-Koon Road, Suite 164
Spindale, NC 28160
Phone: 828-287-6010
Tracy Davis
Tracy Davis, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences
Clay Randall
Office Support Specialist
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